Landship Scorpios II Vehicles






Heavy Landship

Hull Type

Single Layer Steel

Length of Hull

16.7 m

Height of Hull

7.62 m

Height Overall

10.6 m


200 tonnes

Crew Complement

2 - 5


25 mph

In World

The signature Landship of Lt. Joel Arnett. This landship has gone through several iterations and styles over the years. It's design is reminiscent of an Arazian Scorpion.


Created in a junkyard and used to traverse Araz and Well Island, the landship was rebuilt after the events of "Rise of the Scorpion". It is now a unique Landship Style utilizing several oddities to secure success as an Anti-Airship "Armored Escort" in the Istoki Desert of Antiford.


Twin drills that open to be used as clamps or such in Sand. Sand is sucked in throughout the body and heated up in the Crystallizer. The Crystallizer turned the sand into glass projectiles used to be thrown into enemy airships through the use of a stolen prototype Rail-Gun. A built-in shard holder means he can pre-make up to five shards to be thrown at enemies.

"Rail Gun"

Fires the projectiles farther and stronger then any wildly used cannon on Araz. This gives it an advantage, as it can fire sand as fast as the Crystallizer can make sand missiles. The Crystallizer can also be bypassed, and the sand can be thrown from the Scorpios II into the Rail Gun as-is in a steady stream, often making a artificial Sand Storm.


It can also Submerge itself into the sand and dirt. The drills in the model are not strong enough to cut through harder rock or thicker dirt-stone mixes like Mentor's model until the events surrounding "The Arnett Pass".

Out of World

Spiritual successor of the Landship Scorpios (out of world Steampunk Landship).



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