Clockwork Sled Vehicles






Light Landship

Hull Type

Iron/Brass/Steel Framework

Length of Hull

1.8 - 2.5 m


1.5 - 3 m

Height of Hull

.3 - .8 m

Height Overall

1.4 - 3 m


2 - 10 tonnes

Crew Complement



2 - 8 mph

A wonderful and older form of transportation, the clockwork sled was an old Paorrean creation to make a self propelled cart that could help move massive amounts of goods like lumber, harvests, or mining materials. Although it started as an assisted cart, helping pack animals carry heavier weights, the technology soon evolved to be able to move large quantities on their own.

The cart has one seat where an operator directs the direction of the sled, and two hand brakes for either of the tracks. The rest is a massive open space for goods. Beside the operator’s seat is a massive crankshaft, which winds up the clockwork springs inside the sled. Recently, a new machine run with steam can wind a sled in mere moments instead of the minutes and minutes of time cranking an operator might have to do normally. It moves forward on either one or two sets of caterpillar tracks propelled by the clockwork workings inside.

The sled’s inner clockwork pieces are easily bought from any tinker or watch maker, but they are also easily soiled or jammed with muck, sand, or foreign objects. This, unfortunately, limits where the sled is most useful. For example, Clockwork Sleds are a rare find in the country of Antiford as the sand, dust, and dirt of the country easily clog and damage the gears and clockwork, making a sled unreliable or solely useless compared to a chanka drawn cart or carriage.

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