Octonaught (Skuttler) Vehicles






Heavy Landship

Hull Type

Single Layer Steel (Varied)

Length of Hull

15.5 m

Height of Hull

9-10 m

Height Overall

9-12 m


300 tonnes

Crew Complement



32 mph

A large ship rarely seen in the early days of Landships. They were redesigned, made cheaper, and produced by a small shipyard in Gearford after the Revolution. In 1895 the mechanism which helped synchronize leg movement was also redesigned allowing for more reliability and faster speeds.

The large hull of the ship is mainly empty and it possesses a total of eight steam legs. These traits combined made it perfect for transportation of massive quantities of heavy goods long-distance by walker. However, these traits were undermined by the railroad. Instead, many smugglers and for-hire crews armored the legs to make makeshift shields and outfitted their models with large engines to utilize the leg power for higher speeds.

Rarely are they outfitted with weapons, but it is fairly easy to get steam rifles and automated steam weapons plugged into the exposed steam system onboard and use some of the many openings on the ship to shoot from. At least one was sighted with a small cannon sticking out of the front like a Kovy class ship, but chances are that would’ve sacrificed stability and cargo space for the cannon.

These are not a rare sight in towns or areas far away from the major rail lines. Some adventurous owners have even been known to strip the armor and add insulation and take their "Scuttlers" up North to Titania and Manenlande where the distribution of weight means they can carry heavier loads across the frozen ice at decent speeds.


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