Black Leaf and Earl, The Industry


Restaurant / Cafe


Gearford - Barret District


Darren Pensworth 1884-current

Murdock Allenthrope 1894-current


Charles and Michael Müller 1824-1858

A well regarded restaurant in the Barret district of Gearford. serving light fair, such as their famous sandwiches, and a variety of unique teas.

The menu brings in a diverse set of patrons from all over. They are very particular about divulging their recipes and have gathered a formidably odd, though modestly sized library. These are often the only books many patrons from the Barret district will ever get to read.


Founded in 1824 by Claurusian immigrants, brothers Charles and Michael Müller. The restaurant has been a Gearford institution. Many great inventors of their day or political movements were created from discussions over lunch since their inception.


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