Ojethmar Industry




Hjem, Titania

Ojethmar is an enormous, open-air marketplace in Hjem that spans much of the southwest section of Langley Park. It is approximately 7.5 acres of permanent market space, but depending on the season/occasion, enough temporary stalls/spaces are rented to cover 9-10 acres. 

The name Ojethmar (oh-ZHETH-maar) literally means “diverse treasures” – a fitting description for the hundreds of merchants, bakers, craftsmen, blacksmiths, and entertainers (among many others) that occupy the market. Antiques, traditional food and crafts, furniture, trinkets, and novelties, food, and flora from around the world, and even livestock can be found at market. There are also many families and individuals who sell unwanted home items, clothing, and leftover crops on the weekends and during the warmer months. Street performers, musicians, and acting troupes also flock to ojethmar to show off their skills in exchange for (usually mandatory out of politeness) donations. 

Recently, attempts to regulate the currency exchange at the marketplace, via use of a credits system, has been established, but because of the fluid and hectic nature of the area, it has not been successful. Monetary exchange and trade is established by each individual seller, although it is understood that almost all who rent space must accept official Titanian currency.


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