Dikaios International Air and Sea Port Industry






Svabanii National Transit Authority, Inc.

A large port for both sea and air travel.


Southern Araz has historically been a very self-sufficient region. Travel north used to involve crossing either Pocanni territory or more in modern times, Kwazulite waters - both unfriendly options for many. And for many years, the Prush / Antiford region in the north had been warring lands. So the industries and diplomats had previously little reason to want to branch out - only the odd adventurer wishing to see the world.

But by the later 1890s, enough of the Svabanii and Zemlani adventurers had started to see a great deal of technology, wealth, and stability among the Titania-Antiford-Prush region, and they came back wishing to open more worldly trade. The Svabanii’s leadership took an international leap and authorized travel to the abandoned island of Dikaios to set up an international port.

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