Ticking Clock, The Industry

The Ticking Clock is a free-press newspaper that prints every Tamarasday.
It is highly popular for it's interview with industry, gripping serials, and events sections.


Established circa 1698 in Optilocus, now Gearford, by Sir Adam Thompson and his sister Helen Thompson, it was their intention to spread the word of a proud and prosperous Antiford under the newly christened monarchy.
Adam’s son, Timothy, took up the business when he passed away. Timothy ran the press with his two best friends effectively. Timothy’s cousin, Ashley Farsung daughter of Helen, was a part of the press for a while before she was indited for underground activity. When Timothy kicked her out of the company she was spiteful and started up the now defunct press, the Farsung Press.
Today The Ticking Clock Is the most popular and well known newspaper in Antiford, even affording a small circulation in the surrounding countries.

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