Badger's Den, The Industry


"Mamma Badger"



Behind a side street of prestigious Wentworth Medical School in the Argenstrath Medical Facility, the premier medical school in all of Antiford, sits a small niche in the buildings. All of the basements and below of the city block belong to the brothel known only as the "Badger's Den". The sign outside promises a "refreshing dip into fresh water". The brothel is staffed by women known as "The Badger's Bunnies", who range of all types, races, and nationalities. Some of them are actually medical students, and one or two are even doctors and teachers at the school not thirty meters away.


An industrious woman known as “Momma Badger” bought the space and built her own business. She used the profits to also offer protective housing for abuse victims and poorer women who don’t have a place to go. As she grew more successful, and she learned many medical students and doctors were working as her Bunnies, she also opened a small woman’s health clinic to help teach and care for women’s health such as prenatal care, abortions, abuse care, and educational services.

“Mamma Badger” is one of the most successful female business owners in Argenstrath.


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