Villisveppa Cities & Towns







Villisveppa, or Villis Veppa, is the third major city of Kuu. The city is home to large trading and medical practice.


The Mús river runs straight through the center of the city.  It lays in a valley within the mountainous region of central Kuu.


Villis was the settlement in the north, and Veppa the southern town. The two towns on either city of the city expanded to form the one city representing the two cultural sides to the nation.


North of the river is known as Villis. It is culturally northern, traditional.

South of the river is known as Veppa. It is culturally southern, modern.

Institutions & Industry

On the south-east end of town is Liha Medical Center is a gigantic hospital with ace surgeons, world renowned. 

A market runs on either side of the river, connected by several bridges.

In Villis, there's a large market where Raou tribesmen sell meats and furs. 

Veppa's market has alcohols, fish and medicine.

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