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Drefthorn is a small city surrounded by mountains. It is well known for developing hydraulic power for industrial use as well as for its confectionery expertise. The city is named for the enormous snow drifts that surround the city in the months of Dodar, causing it to become virtually isolated. Because of this, the city has developed an intricate aerial tram system above the city that allows transport in from and out to the mountains.

Because of its secluding geography, the culture in Drefthorn has developed quite independently of its more culturally diverse western counterparts. Natives of Drefthorn find the lifestyle in cities like Hjem busy and superfluous, preferring a more relaxed and utilitarian way of living. They pride themselves on unique culture of their city as well as their work ethic and minimalist approach to life. They have taken economic advantage of the lavish lifestyles of others, however, as the city is home to several large and elaborate mountainside hotels.


Drefthorn lies in the northwestern region of Titania, close the Hoganmar Mountain Range. The smaller mountains and hills of the Hoganmar flank the city on on every side except to the north where it meets the Raavngroft river.

The climate is temperate in most parts, but varies with altitude. They get large amounts of snow in the colder months, usually around 2000-2600 mm per year mostly in snow and sleet. The growing seasons are mild, albeit windy.


Before it was settled, the valley was one of the first places where Yeti established a permanent settlement. The area was good for mining, agriculture, and herding, making the long journeys through the mountains, traditional of their ancestors, now unnecessary. As the community prospered, the population in the valley grew and eventually became a kingdom. The city was founded as the citadel Felle-bjorg in 1377, centuries before the unification of Titania. It is one of the oldest metropolitan areas in the country, second only to Hjem.Though they were a peaceful kingdom compared to those in the east, the monarchy fell in the mid-fifteenth century and they adopted a democratic system of governing unheard of in the rest of the country. Under this new system, the city was renamed Drefthorn, which very loosely translates to “we wear the crown of snow”.


Drefthorn is divided into four boroughs.

Felle (Felle-Bjorg)

The center of town is still referred to as Felle. It is more officially known as Felle-bjorg, after the citadel that once stood there. This is the oldest part of the city, and is not largely a business district. In the middle of the city there is a modern, smaller scale reconstruction of the original Felle-bjorg castle which acts as a central station for the aerial tram system.


Kagested is the cultural hub of Drefthorn. There is a large residential section along the southern part of the borough that runs into Velhaven, but there is also many marketplaces, restaurants, and shops in this part of the city as well. One of the post popular streets has been nicknamed “Sweet Street” because it houses over fifteen different bakeries and candy shops ranging from breads and muffins to chocolate and peppermints. Drefthorn is famous for its chocolate and candies, and these shops attract tourists from around the world.

There is also a renowned culinary institute in Kagested, and many of the students live in this area.


Fjyrhull spreads along the northwest part of the city, along the Raavngroft. This is where must of the industrial infrastructure of the city lies. Factories along the river use hydraulic power to build landship and airship parts for state-owned vehicles as well as many buildings that process crops into sugar and chocolate which can be used in bakeries in the city.

On the westernmost edge of the borough, where the river meets the mountainside, there is a high-security penitentiary built into the cliffside. The prison is isolated from the rest of the city by its geographic location as well as huge stone walls along the perimeter. It is the largest prison in the country and houses many who were incarcerated for high profile crimes or were otherwise deemed dangerous by the judicial system. The piece of the wall that borders Kagested has been painted with bright murals.


A bulk of the residential area of Drefthorn is in Velhaven. Most of the middle and working class live in homes closer to the upper side of the borough close to the center of the city, while the more wealthy people live in the lower part, closer to the mountains. There are even homes and buildings built straight up along the the mountainside.

There are also many large hotels in this area that offer luxurious accommodations for the city’s more affluent guests. Many of these hotels offer their own private additions to the tram system that lead into the city as well as up the mountains to recreational ski slopes. These hotels are famous for their grand and unique architecture and soft-hued but colorful exteriors as well as the grand scale of their accommodations.

Institutions & Infrastructure 

The there is network of aerial trams above the city which bring people into and out of the city from the more mountainous areas. This is the only way in or out of the city that does not require a boat. These trams are built to meters above even the tallest buildings in the city, and are moved along the cables via a mechanized system operated from several tower stations scattered throughout the city.

There is a smaller internal system that goes between boroughs as well which includes some private tram carts owned by Hotels. All lines,including the private ones, run on a schedule and will cannot make special stops outside of these schedules.

There are no universities in Drefthorn, but there are several vocational institutes offering a range of trades one could learn, including: baking and culinary arts, Hospitality services, mechanics, and the newly developing field of hydraulics.


The largest industry in Drefthorn is the manufacturing of parts used in airships and landships. The biggest client is of course the Titanian government, however these factories also manufacture for private companies both in Titania and internationally.

Drefthorn also produces and exports a large amount of the countries chocolate, sugar, and finished confectionary products to the rest of the country and internationally.

There is a landship dock at the northern tip of the city where certain military-standard landships are built.

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