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Klippebror, whose name translates to "Brothers Cliff", is located in south east Titania on the coast. The defining feature of the town is the cliff face overlooking the Fimbrian Ocean. While not the highest sea cliff on Orr, its height of nearly 800 feet is still impressive.

The town is separated into three sections. The town proper is where the majority of the business and housing is located, as well as the governmental buildings. The train line runs through the western part of this section. To the west is farmland. To the east, on the coastline, are the docks.


The historical records of Klippebror go back centuries. However, the Yeti have been settled in the area for far longer. According to legend, it is the location where Yetin and Vibran created all the creatures of the world. There is a large bronze statue of the two brothers near the edge of the cliff, presumably the location from which Vibran had leapt.

Today, the town is primarily a fishing and farming town. But, because of the legend, it is a place of pilgrimage for many. 


Klippebror has three types of industry:

The farmland supplies steer, Great Horned Deer, grains, and fruit to southern Titania and Northern Antiford, reaching down as far as Gearford. 

The docks house a small fleet of fishing ships. While some of the fish is exported inland, most stays within the town. More importantly, Klippebror has a very active ship yard. The shipwrights occasionally work with the Titanian Navy, but the majority of construction is in fishing vessels, though they have produced some impressive racing ships, as well.

The largest source of revenue for the town is cultural. The town boasts the largest Machen Bachen festival in Titania, typically drawing in over one million visitors for the celebration. People arrive from around the world to take part in the festivities.

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General inspiration: Etretat, France and Latrabjarg, Iceland


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