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One of the northernmost cities in Titania; it is also the only large city on the north side of the Raavngroft. It was established as a small village but after the railway was built many stayed there in order to explore crude oil possibilities to the north. Because many of the original settlers worked on constructing the railway, it quickly became a hub for relevant industries such as coal refineries and metallurgy.


Saavnheim lies to the north of Titania. The Raavngroft runs through the city, splitting it into two sections. It lies just below the line for a completely tundra-like climate, however the area does experience severely cold temperatures and high velocity winds. There is relatively little precipitation, except snowfall in the colder months.


 It is a relatively new city, having only been established in 1799. However, it quickly developed after the expansion and renovation of the railway systems. It was originally just a temporary settlement, meant for those constructing the railway, however the ample mining opportunities and talks of developing technologies to drill for crude oil meant that the settlement rapidly developed into an urban area.


Saavnheim is split into two sectors, physically separated by the river.


This is the half of the city on the northern side of the river. This is where most of the cities industries are located. There are mainly coal refineries and steel manufacturing. There are factories in the city that have become the country's leading innovators in metallurgy and metal-working processes, creating methods of manufacturing stronger engineering materials. Most of the lower and working class lives in this sector.


Nedinnvor is the lower half of the city, which is home to much of the upper class population and educational and cultural institutions.Such institutions include a train and railroad museum, a prominent Technical Institute, and racetracks. The business district is also located in this part of the city.

Institutions & Infrastructure

The most notable aspect of the city’s infrastructure is it’s development of a city-wide rail system built partially beneath the city. This underground transportation system allows for quick commuting from one end of the city to another, a helpful system as Saavnheim is a sprawling city. The decision to create the underground network also facilitated travel in winter, when snow and wind made both travel and maintenance difficult.

Because the city is so far north of other metropolitan areas, is also home to many deer-racing tracks which bred several gambling rings that would have been shut down had they developed in Hjem or other cities farther south.


The city’s biggest export is steel and other industrial-use metals as well as raw mined materials such as coal and iron ore. The city is pioneering the country’s research and development of engineering materials. This is mainly driven by a joint effort between industrial tycoons and scientists to develop feasible methods of drilling for oil.


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