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243.3 sq mi

An old, sprawled out city nestled next to the mountains, about a six-hour express train ride from Hjem. It is known for it’s large harvest celebrations. For example, while the Machen Bachen celebration in Hjem is more popular due to it’s central location, and often draws many tourists, the festival in Faestfjall is much larger and favored among Titanians as it is considered more authentic. The city proper is largely concentrated in a pocket close to the mountains, gradually spreading out to vast surrounding farmlands, many of which contain huge estates owned by some of the country’s oldest families.

The name Faestfjall is Titanian for “near the mountains”.


Faestfjall sits along the border of the Hoganmar Mountains in the southern part of the country. The weather is temperate, with a longer growing season than the northern part of the country, though it is not as mild as the sea-side, whose winters are moderated by the ocean.


The area used to be many individual farms, several large, old farms dating back before the country was unified, and other much smaller and newer farms. As the country unified and was modernized, the remote area built a small city near the mountain that became the main part of the city, where political matters were addressed, trade was centralized, and a travel hub to-and-from the area was established.


The city proper includes the capitol building, post office, shops and storefronts, and the train station (among other things). There are five large farm estates, which are used unofficially to separate the massive agricultural areas into slightly smaller districts.


There are several trade schools in the area, scattered among the farms as well as in the city proper, which teach agricultural studies, including: production, horticulture, animal sciences, and farm technology. There is also a large and well-known veterinary clinic, including a college, inside the city proper.

Faestfjall is also home to several open-air markets with a selection of ceramics, food, tools, and large greenhouses which house more exotic plants that don’t typically grow in farm environments.


Since it is an overwhelmingly agricultural area, Faestfjall famously produces much of the country's milk, butter, and cheese, vegetables, apples, and grain. Some of the most renowned beers, meads, and wine in the country is also made here.

Animal husbandry is also a large part of the area. Steer, goats, and other animals are bred, mainly for agricultural and military purposes.


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