Pleasantville Cities & Towns





There are few punishments in the country of Antiford. Most of the crimes are punishable by time in local prisons or with fines. The most heinous crime, treason, is dealt with by exile to the desert. All other criminals, murderers, thieves, and the like, are sent to Pleasantville. 

Pleasantville is anything but pleasant. It is essentially a giant tent city filled with the worst criminals in Antiford.

This town has no walls and no guards. There are two things that assure nobody escapes.

The first is that the town is in the desert with 150 miles of nothing between it and the closest village. There is a track that allows a steam-cart carrying 3 individuals at a time, including the driver, that leaves a well armed depot to Pleasantville.

The second is that there is only one well. It provides sufficient water for the town, but there are limited containers for carrying extra water. All of this makes certain that no one who is in the town can escape.

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