Mistfell Cities & Towns




Hoganmar Mountains



A older, small city on the Antiford side of the Hoganmar Mountains which with it's easy access to water feels more like a Titanian town with a human-majority population.


Mistfell is named after the natural mists that flow off of the mountains through the city. 

The Mast River travels from the mountains, through the city, and to a lake on the outskirts.


The town was founded in the 1700s.

The town weathered the 1883 national revolution well by smoothly transitioning power from the House of Twyford to the Wrathchilds.


The town was initially constructed as a post for foresters in Antiford, collecting the lumber to build ships, hence the major river's name.

The river has been host to a number of mills: grist, saw, and paper.

A nearby manufacturing plant for Cerillius Industries has many workers commuting from Mistfell.

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