Adrianna "Scout" O'Ryan

Born in poverty in the small town of Tull, Scout grew up learning just how important water is to the world from both family and church. She had no proper schooling, but being poor has a way of driving people to learn from the underbelly of society. After the death of the only family she knew, her father, she developed her first water-selling scheme at age 12, gathering rainwater and snow from the mountains, and running it through crude filters made from bed sheets. Her prices were cheap, much cheaper than the government issued water rations, and this quickly made her popular in the right circles...and the wrong ones. The wrong ones are what taught her to fight dirty, after all, gangsters never play by the rules. She's been in plenty of back ally brawls and isn't afraid to kill in self defense.
As she got older and became more capable of traveling, she moved from melted snow, to hidden wells in old ruins scattered through the desert. With these new caches to sell from, her client base became wider, and she began to move with caravans to deliver her crudely filtered water. It was clean enough to drink without puking, and that was all that mattered to most people she met.