Arudia Squire

When Arudia (Rudy) Squire ran away from her permanent settlement on the outskirts of Fen Byen, she found the adventure and new beginning she was looking for in Antiford. In fear of being trapped forever with the Yeti tribe she was brought up in, Rudy traveled from Titania into the deserts of Antiford with only a small leather sack of the tools and trinkets she favored most. After days of confusion and exhaustion, she finally stumbled upon railroad tracks. These railroad tracks soon led her to White Haven, where she started her new life as a "human." This didn't last long, as her clumsiness led her to reveal her stubby tail during her first few weeks of work at the desalinization facility. She was nervous that the people of White Haven would think she was blood thirsty and just plain different from the humans so she hid in a small cave off of the depleted copper mine. Here she spends her time developing on higher technology hunting strategies and tools, adapting her Yeti lifestyle to fit the desert conditions. She's fascinated by the drastic change in conditions and wildlife from icy lands to desert sands, even though this change in climate has severely dried and cracked her skin. â€‹Rudy hopes to head for Gearford after further developing on her tools and strategies.