Avishai Laska

Writer, historian, philosopher, journalist

Books are Avishai Laska's life and it's rare to see Avishai without at least one pen upon his person and a book or pad of paper in his hand.  A well brought up man, he enjoys the finer things in life, but enjoys them modestly.  Avishai is in his early 40s, unmarried, though more than a few inquiring ladies have sought his hand over the past 20-some-odd years. 

He is tall and slim, bordering on the edge of wiry, with skin as deep as walnut and close shaven hair.  He has intelligent, soft grey eyes that are crinkling around the edges from years of smiling.  He is a man prone to optimism, even in the darkest times.

Avishai lives in a small home with his elderly maid who was his nanny as a child, and just as when he was young, he still enjoys pulling a prank on her every once in a while.  He enjoys traveling when he can - seeing new places and ways of life are a delight to him - but he also believes in the importance of keeping a home.

He is an observer, somewhat introverted, and while he has presence, he isn't flashy.  He can tell a fantastic story but he is a keen listener when others are speaking, and has a warm, calm personality that evokes information out of people that they would hardly feel ready to reveal to anyone else.