Chyros Wyndget

Chyros comes from a land where the technocrats found it necessary to create human surrogates (known as Wynots) to rebuild the population after a catastrophic war that left few survivors. These Wynots were intended to be perfect to ensure the genetic future of their people. Occasionally a Wynot would be produced that did not meet this level of perfection. These were colloquially referred to as "Wyndgets". As Wynot's took a great deal of resources to create, these "Wyndgets" would often be used for other purposes. Sometimes they would become servants in the homes of the aristocracy or provided to government officials as free laborers. Most often, however, they were sent to the mines. This was the case with Chyros. Genetically he was considered inferior as his DNA was too susceptible to outside factors. For this reason he was sent to the mines.

His early years were spent mining Andyan ore for use by the technocrats. Life in the mines taught Chyros to be self sufficient (to an almost antisocial extent). His one source of happiness was tinkering. He would create little automatons powered by the discarded pieces of Andyan ore that he could find. He always kept them close and hidden as such things were not allowed. Over the years his automatons became quite advanced and even started to demonstrate rudimentary sentience.

One day Chyros and some of the other Wyndgets were caught in a cave in. As was the practice, they were left to their fate (Wyndgets were considered expendable). However, some time later, Chyros woke up. He was in a forest. His automatons walking all over him apparently tending to his wounds. This was something he had never designed nor taught them to do. Chyros had no idea what happened. He did not know where he was, but it didn't take him long to realize one thing. He was free.

Chyros found his way to civilization. With his little friends, he lived in the shadows of the city for many years working on his craft. He took on the surname "Wyndget" in memory of those he left behind. He became a respected tinkerer and inventor to pay the bills, but never forgot the other Wyndgets that he knew were still working and dying in the mines. Though respected he was known for being withdrawn and a bit eccentric (often being seen talking to his "little friends"). His goal is to one day find and return to his land and free his kind.