Dr. Tobias Bloom

Dr. Tobias Bloom is a practitioner of the old medicine. Instead of using newer remedies, her prefers to gather ingredients and make natural remedies using the various plants and chemicals found around him. He's very resourceful, and with a plethora of knowledge, there hasn't been a condition he couldn't cure, even with limited supplies. As an emergency, he carries around a small satchel, attached to him at the waste. He doesn't remove it, for fear of losing those supplies. He doesn't dress like a doctor, instead deciding to be more casual and wearing a comfortable, but thin shirt and a durable pair of shorts, with many pockets. He also carries a sword, thin and sleek, and is trained in its use. He doesn't end up having to use it often, but in dire cases where he has been asked to accompany on the battlefield, he instead uses his bow. He began hunting as a young boy, multi-tasking between wandering the wilderness learning the tools of the trade and identifying every type of plant for medicinal purposes, but also learning how to hunt, tread softly and be silent, and also the various kinds of anatomy between many animals, and of course humans. He has pinpoint accuracy, but once again doesn't like to go out and just kill. He only does it as a necessity. Still, he's been on many battlefields and earned himself the nickname: "The Piercing Doctor' For his quick deadly thrusts of his sword and the pinpoint silencing of his arrows. He came to Antiford with the hopes of leaving his war days, and that nickname behind, hoping to do just good for a change. But old habits die hard, and he can still be spotted carrying his sword and bow. Many wonder where 'The Piercing Doctor' will turn up next.

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The Heartlong's Calling Parts 1-3

by Dr. Tobias Bloom

Doctor Tobias Bloom has been well around the world. He's lived a lifetime of fighting and violence, and he sets sail for Antiford to try and escape it all. What he finds instead is a mystery and a discovery that could shake Antiford to its core.