Elizabeth Jenkins


Miss Jenkins is a spunky and creative young maiden whose split personality makes her a bubbly and charming girl one minute, and a ruthless assassin the next. She is frozen in time as a 20 year old thanks to being kidnapped while being a waitress on an Airship and experimentally injected with microscopic nano machines that use blood to always be repairing her body, and since aging is a way of the body breaking down, the nanos keep her forever looking young. Once she woke up alone in a huge garbage heap, thought to have been dead, she swore her vengeance on those that had done this to her and made her into a monster, because in order to survive the nano machines need blood, and when hers runs low they feed off the body they help to maintain. In doing so, they made her into what is commonly called a vampire, and giving her special abilities. Upon gaining her revenge, Elizabeth stayed a waitress on a few of the many Airship liners to help gain her inside information the passengers may gossip about, and on her down time is a skilled assassin that puts her acquired skills to good use in stopping corrupted peoples, whether they be in the social lime light or sub-city scum. She knows many languages including, English, French, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and the several different Alien dialects. Among the many weapons she owns and uses her favorite is a long barreled Musktetoon that can shoot just about anything you can put in it and the ever handy Mares Leg. Over all Elizabeth is a fun loving free spirited girl that loves excitement and attention, who is stylish and flirty while being the proper little lady.