Ernestine Livilla

I live in a world of paper.  I love the desert because it is dry and generally kind to books.

I have never not been a librarian.

I acquired two guns when I was sixteen after I killed a man who was trying to steal from the collection.  The man killed my parents, with the guns, before I killed him.  I added the guns into the accession books and the bodies into the desert.  I had never realized before that things of an intellectual value could also have an extrinsic value.  I became more careful.
The library, Fogg Library, is not typically open anymore.  I long for a day when people might enter and that I could trust them, but people are shifty, deceitful.
A semblance of a town is around me now...  I suppose the well brought them here.  That's fine.  I doubt anyone knows what this building is... except for the people that seek it.  I fear them.

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tiny sketches

by Ernestine Livilla

short insights into the the life of Ernestine Livilla