Fye Von Vilingen

Name|Fye Von Vilingen

Born| 17 Fi, 1982 in Glas Shire

Race| Human

Citizenship| Nyxiana

Current Place of Residence| Villis Veppa

Early Life:

         Fye is the only child of Anatol von Vilingen and Cäcilie Latzka-von Vilingen. Her family was not very influential in their community,  being  an older couple who just barely made enough money to provide for their young daughter. 

         By the time Fye was thirteen years old, she had taken off. Leaving her mother and father on the island, having stolen enough money to afford a one way trip to Kuu. 

Current Situation: 

          Due to have not going through proper schooling, it would be rather hard for her to get any kind of decent job, especially at her age. But she gets by living on the streets as a pickpocket,  occasionally stealing Rona from people on the streets, though it wad typically easier to get away with small bits and pieces people may have on them to sell to the merchants in the market later on in the day.