Kami no Shi Pinscher

Biographical Information:

Given Name | Kami No Shi Pinscher

Born |  20 Fi 1860, in an abandoned facility hidden in the deserts of Antiford

Race | Presumably Human

Citizenship | Un-registered anywhere (fake passports for all countries should their be a form of passport?)

Current Residence |  Squatting from place to place looking for someplace permanent, seen wandering slums from time to time.  

Present Occupation |  Medical Practitioner, Engineer, Undertaker

Birth and Re-birth:

Kami no Shi Pinscher is a European born oriental. His mother was fair skinned English woman who worked on machines and and body enhancements for many black market agencies. Where as his father was the underworld's surgeon, the oriental man who would do the operations no other doctor would. One day the two of them were brought together to work on the body of a mob boss and install a self-sustaining mechanical heart one that was in cased in a new metallic alloy that would not rust or be affected by magnetized fields; thus gaining a pseudo form of immortality. However, that night they gazed into each other's eyes and found light where there was nothing but darkness. Instantly they fell in love; it could have been the blood splatter on my fathers face or the fact that my mother had a sort of glow about her during the surgery, that they instantly made a connection but people will never no... As that connection was made they both knew that this surgery would be their final job because in reality the job they actually received was a suicide mission to kill the mob boss at all costs. And so they attempted the assassination and it was success but the agencies that had employed them expected them to die in the process.

     They spent eight years thinking of ways to bring back their dead son from the realm of the dead and they finally found it. But as they say everything comes at a cost but they knew what they were getting into. They decided that the best course of action was to implant the mechanical heart that they were suppose to all those years ago. This operation was the back up plan to every other back up plan set aside because they knew that it was dangerous and it very well may cost them their son's life or their own. they took another 2 years to prepare all the needed parts to bring back their son and to celebrate his 20th birthday they would provide him with a body fitting a 20 year old. Finally on the night of his first birth where he was born into light the same night he was born once again but into darkness. His parents went forward with the procedure implanting the hearts and finally the most dread full part was to donate a total of 4 liters of blood to the enhanced human for the heart to work. the held hands as they slit open their own wrists for their child and let the blood flow from their veins into a sort of catcher for the mechanized heart. Hours went by and finally Kami awoke once again he saw to aged figures resembling his parents and a calender with his birthday marked on it and a year that was about 20 from when he was born. He tried to move but ended up stumbling over on to the floor to see that the aged figures where in fact his parents. He tried to call out to them but all that left out of his mouth was a low ominous sounding "ahhhhhahhahhahhahah..." but it was loud enough to wake the couple to see their son one last time. They smiled and explained the situation a simply as possible and with their last bit of strength they got up and hugged their son one last time and told them that they loved him. Moments into the hug the amount of weight of his parents got the better of him and he collapsed under them but holding them. There he lied under his dead parents staring up at the night sky; crying as he gripped on to his dead parent's corpses. At that very moment as he lied in grief something snapped inside of his mind.

Early Life:

From that moment he vowed to live the life he was given but deep inside of him he wanted something more... and that was revenge on the people that pushed his parents into this state. He new the only way to do this was to become someone note worth and get into the world that his mother and father tried so hard to get away from and take it apart piece by piece. Thankfully he was not left behind empty handed, in the lab that he was revived in there was a plethora of medical and engineering books on enhancements and weapons left behind. Its location was also very discreet and hidden, making it the perfect place to practice and hone his skills.

     He  knew that his parents works would only get him so far. So he did side jobs and, made enough money to get a fake citizenship, and spend the next 4 years to study, attend a "University of sorts" and become Medical Engineer Practitioner/Under taker. At first he took legitimate jobs until he was approached by the very men who drove his parents away at one point. He gladly accepted the offer and soon was ever closer to his goal. Months would go by and he was always at a stand still; plotting but not acting.. He knew what his error was and that he simply was not strong enough. These body parts were not his and they had began to decay slightly. With this he decided he would bide his time and create and enhanced body with the right tools to get the job done.

Present Day:

     To this day he can be found wandering the country of Antiford he frequents the homes of important dignitaries when things need to be "cleaned" but is often found in the slums shopping for "parts".

Age: 20

Physical Description:

He is often seen with a cane with a small telescope for a handle, a black pocket watch, and some sort of large contraption on his back that has protruding mechanical arms. He is 5'5'', tan, and dark brown eyes almost black. Little is known of his true form because from time to time he changes it to keep up the allure of mystery. He has yet to find friends, companions, or even a lover, he is in search of everything and nothing at the same time but so far it has been a solitary life.

A life that is surrounded by the scent of death...

(WIP): pardon the spelling errors and possible description plot holes.

Possible Ideas later on: After reading the encyclopedia im considering to write in that he is part automaton. Possibly part of his body (his brain) is a mesh between a third instinct Buford Automaton and human and as he continues his life he enhances his body with clock work/steampower technology making him a Class L automaton. Which i believe is still within the bounds of creation because i left my bio semi-ambiguous and his development as a character is still fairly new.