Lady Lynnette Theodosia Crenchaw

Lady Lynnette Theodosia Crenshaw, daughter of wealthy business owner Count Harold Maxwell Crenshaw and Lady Genevieve Adella Crenshaw. Lynnette is the born successor to Crenshaw Teas, Antiford's largest tea company founded by Lynnette's great grandfather Sir William Harold Crenshaw. The families success comes from the high price of tea, the lands lack of water makes Crenshaw Teas a highly expensive delicacy among the people.
Lynnette was raised within the city walls of Gearford in families estate located near the heart of the city. As a young girl she would travel often with her Father on business. While at home she would study trades of music, dance, and etiquette in high hopes that she would become a proper young lady. During her spare time between lessons she fancied watching her father in the botany lab as he cared for and studied the herbs and flowers used in their families secret recipes. Where she dreamed of exploring the world for new plants to discover.