Marissa Jane Cogston

Born to a Scientist and an Inventor, she had grown up knowing that her parents wanted her to choose one of these two vocations. She had surprised herself, and them, by choosing neither of the vocations. Instead her life took a wildly different turn than any of them had expected. As soon as she had hit adulthood, she told her parents she had wanted to make a name for herself as an Adventurer. They had agreed on one condition. Her father simply wanted her to take along the clockwork figure, named Carolyn, who he had created when she was a child to keep an eye on her while he and her mother were busy. She had agreed without hesitation. After all, Carolyn was one of the closest things she had ever had to a best friend growing up. Two years of adventuring and she decided she wanted to go home to Gearford and settle down. She was still an Adventurer at heart, so she resolved she would still go on adventures with Carolyn from time to time. Meanwhile, she planned to become a novelist in between her travels. Some people might find her a little strange as she often enjoys dressing up as her favorite characters in the novels that she writes. This means that she can go from dressing up as a highclass lady, a mechanic, a scientist, an inventor, an adventurer, and a steamship pirate all within the course of a week, depending on her mood. She did inherit some of her father's love for inventing, though, as she did invent a pair of working clockwork wings that she puts on with straps across her shoulders and a strap across her middle chest to keep them from coming off while in use.