Sargeant Nigel Hoffman

Nigel Hoffman lived in a country to the south of Antiford known as the Prushland. During the revolution of Antiford when the engineers kicked out the monarchy the Prushland was pushed into a civil war. The Southern part of the Prushland wanted to modernize itself after being isolated from the rest of the world. They viewed the old traditions as unnecessary and forsaking their old ideals they wanted to move on. While the Northerners wanted to keep to their old ways. They valued the hard work they put into what they pursued, epically when it came to professions (jobs). Nigel was a descendent of Adrain Lincoln an old warrior who lead the Prushland to victory some 200 years before. When he died a secret cult of followers were created known as the Lincoln clan. Nigel was born into this clan and so took this gift and went into the military. Not long after, civil war broke out. It lasted only a year, but it was a long and brutal year, the Southerners upgraded weaponry eventually brought the war to an end. The swords and muskets of the North were no match for the South's semi automatic rifles, Gatling guns and Tesla beams. The South won the war and named the Prushland, The Prush Confederacy. After the war the new Confederacy forcefully discharged Nigel. Now out of the Military Nigel Hoffman left his homeland. He had only his uniform, he wore it with pride, that and his faithful sword that he used in the war. He was drinking at a bar in Antiford for two weeks, scoping out a group of Prush soldiers that were in the area. Nigel had vowed to take vengeance for his homeland and his friends and family that had fallen in the war to the confederates. He was just waiting for the right time to eliminate the Confederates. He then met Captain Leo Swift who was asking around for information on a bounty. A Prush Confederate who was drinking at the bar took offense to Leo's questioning and started a vicious bar fight. Out numbered Leo was prepared for a strong beating, but Nigel darted up from his seat and backed Leo up, the two pulverizing Confederates left and right. Afterwards Leo offered Nigel a job on his airship crew. Nigel accepted it and has been loyal to Leo and his ship and is sailing aboard it to this day.