Ustrina Aryana Ardens

Ustrina was born and raised in Dikaios. Her father was a great soldier, wise and educated. Her mother was a lovely woman who helped the people of Dakaios with her knowledge of herbs and healing plants. Ustrina was a bit of a trouble maker in her youth, causing much hair graying distress for her philosophy teacher. Even though philosophy and education was the pride of Dikaios, Ustrina never quite cared for it. She enjoyed spending her time with her mother learning how to heal and helping tend to her plants. When she wasn't spending time with her mother she enjoyed learning light combat from her father. She had managed to convince him, when she was 10, that it was a good idea for every young girl to have have some knowledge of how to protect herself. 
One day, when Ustrina was a 14, she went out to the the fields behind her house to meet her father for a bit of combat practice only to find him dead in the grass. He had a heart attack while waiting in the fields for Ustrina to show up and no one was there to help him. His heart attack was brought on by a rare heart disorder that had killed his father before him. Ustrina took her fathers death hard but not as hard as her mother, she blamed herself for not finding a way to keep him healthy and alive with her remedies.
By the time Ustrina was 16, a great drought had come over Dikaios and it lead to famine. With not enough food and resources to go around, the common system where everyone was equal began to crash. People were becoming crazed from hunger and were getting sick from being malnourished. Ustrina and her mother did their best to help the sick with what they had but their efforts were in vain, the Illnesses were far to great, people were dying in great numbers. Must of the surviving citizens of Dikaios understood that because of the famine, there was nothing that could be done for the fallen, but there was also a fair amount of crazed loved ones of those  who had died felt the need to blame Ustrina and her mother for not being able to heal their sick loved ones before they passed.
One unfortunate night, the more crazed of these few set the Ardens estate a blazed. Ustrina managed to get away from the burning estate but her mother was not so lucky.  Ustrina ran to the shore of Dikaios and stole one of the boats. She started to make her way to Rusticanotae and stopped to look back at the Island she grow up on. When she did she saw how the flames of her estate were spreading across the dry land do to the drought and she know she could never return. 
Ustrina, now 20, lives a fairly nomatic life, she spends her days wondering from town to town and preforms with fire