William White

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A rather intelligent young man who grew up in the lap of wealth. Upstanding and proper, along with being an only child he became exactly what his parent's wanted. As he left home for medical school he got to learn about the world and the reality of the people in it. After a time he desired to see the world and what all people are really like, not just the wealthy and noble. One day he was sitting in a local bar where he often went for a break from the stiff air of the medical school grounds. As he sat there a man next to him leaned over and asked him about a picture and if he recognized the man in it. The man sitting there as William would come to know was Leo,  a bounty hunter and rather rash man. The two started talking and as Leo described his life aboard his ship William became enthralled with the lifestyle, the adventure, the world, the people. As the discussion wore on William became addicted to the idea of joining Leo on his ship, and proposed the idea to Leo. A deal was struck to make William the ship medic/chemist and public relations adviser to Leo. He is still flying to this very day.

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by William White

Trying to help a wounded Leo Dr. White needs more supplies to help. Unfortunately a drunkard makes life a little harder for the good doctor