Earl Robin Ronalds

Earl Robin lives in a wooded area north of Fen Byen where he has built himself a mighty palace fortress of snow. In all actuality, this self proclaimed "earl" is rather mad. He believes himself to be in a medieval setting and acts as such. Earl Robin also owns a landship of his own design. In reality, it is a small sled with a single steam engine in the front that powers two mechanical arms that reluctantly drag the vehicle forward. The mechanism is controlled via two reigns.

He boasts amazing prowess with a blade, keeping in constant practice and using his outstanding knowledge of galvanics to create an electric rapier that is actually a thin, durable wire with a strong electric charge running through it and attached to a hilt. He will occasionally challenge ne'er do wells to gentlemens' duels using this device. Admittedly, this habit has not left him unscathed, but he has sustained no critical injuries to date, so he lives on.

Though he considers himself nobility, he is very generous and often heads into town to give the lowly citizens of his hold tokens of his appreciation. This is especially true around the time of the winter solstice when he rides his ship into town and leaves gifts at peoples' doorstops. More often than not, these gifts are small objects stolen from the townspeople by his locust *ahem* I mean pixie swarm, but other times the gifts are much more... interesting.

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Introducing, his benevolence, the Earl.

by Earl Robin Ronalds

There is an odd man claiming to be an Earl in the forest north of Fen Byen. This is his tale.