Ely Ograg

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Biographical Information:

Given Name | 
Born |  in Drefthorn
Race | Yeti
Citizenship Titanian
Current Residence | Astam Junction

Occupation  Business owner,  Intrapreneur

Appearance  | Red hair long and wild, hazel eyes, birthmark over right side of face  

Started a two year technical program at the culinary institute in Drefthorn ( Kagested) at 17. Finishing at 19, he started an apprenticeship learning the new espresso machine invented scarcely a decade earlier in 1884. At 21 he moved to Astem to renovate the shop he inherited from his great grandfather. Three years pass, he has established a cafe popular among all, but especially other Yeti seeking a bit of home in the desert. He has a boyfriend of a little over a year, Alec. He spends his time working in the shop ( he has only one other employee), tending to his many plants ( his house apartment has greenhouse on terrace/roof), and spending time with his boyfriend and best friend Milly. He Has a pet lizard named Lucy. The coffee Shop is named the Gargoyle.

Back in Drefthor he was raised by his single mother, in Velhaven. His mother is close with her sister, so he grew up alongside his cousins, Adalyn and Bernedette. Adalyn (two years younger then Ely) attended the university to study airship navigation, and now lives in Hjem when she is not on a job, hired by adventures and traders to navigate the world. Bernadette or Nedette (one year older then Ely), is a skilled mechanic, and worked for a few years at the factories in Fjyrhull, before also moving out to Hijm to work on more interesting ships, and meet more interesting people.

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Pictures of Ely Ograg

by Ely Ograg

Here are some picture of my character Ely.  Hope you like them!