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Yeti Mythology

Various legends and anecdotes that make up the Yeti's belief system.

Titanian Language 101

An introductory lesson in Titanian language for non-natives. You too can learn to say "I love pizza" in the language of the Yeti. 


KUBB (Rules and Regulations)

In the lands of Titania (and here on earth) Kubb is the lawn game sweeping the Nation!

The Death of Monopoly

A new automaton is born that could change everything one day, but new business rivals threaten to change everything far faster than that. 


The Austringer

Ulkrit Reid and Qadira Neilson are hired to hunt down a troublesome coyote from the mountains.

Astrid's Multimedia Challenge

this is the second time I've written this damn thing, so y'all better read it. 

for the Multimedia Challenge.


Yeti Marriage

Information on Yeti marriage procedures and ceremonies in settled cultures

His & Mine

Astrid //A series of flash fiction stories in which Astrid and Ronan ditch every ceremony required of them during their betrothal. 
Written for the Spring Flash Fiction Challenge


In The Old Stable

A story about a regretful Admiral, a bag of apples, and an overly-dramatic bear.

For the Animal Flash Fiction Challenge

Ancient Compass (Titanian)

The cardinal direction designations used before standardized (international) navigational names and notation became prominent.