Telecommunication & Postal Technology

Several methods of communication exist.

The most common long range is the telegram. Each town has at least one station where telegrams are sent and received, larger towns will have many. There may also be larger companies who have their own telegram stations. For public telegrams, clerks are hired to format the messages to look more like a letter.

Telephones are a fairly new technology that has not become wide spread. Many of the telegram stations now contain an operator board. Also, large companies and the very wealthy may also have independent access to telephones. There are very few privately owned telephones.

Messengers and the post system are still the most widely used method of communication, though it is quite slow.

The aerial division of the post is available in many countries, such as in Antiford. It is more expensive, but it is a good method of contacting an airship crew in constant motion, or those in remote, mountainous areas.

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