Submitting Encyclopedia Entries Templates

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An easy-to-read and well maintained encyclopedia helps create an elaborate, cohesive world.  You can help by submitting your entries with the tutorial below.

General Information

  • Each section is made up of the Sidebar (links and other quick information) and the Body (lengthy areas of description). 
  • The templates below are suggestions on how to frame and organize your entry. Not all areas under the sidebar and body are required. However, including in-depth descriptions of the areas listed, or more as applicable, makes your entry better fit for the encyclopedia.
  • Be aware of other submissions and their potential interaction with your entry. Animals exist in a food chain, countries have bordering neighbors, and technology exists in a free market.
  • Tone is important in an encyclopedic piece. Please be vigilant of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and always use a formal tone.

Please follow the format suggestions below for the area your entry pertains to in the Templates Category.

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