Script-Scrolls Technology

In World

Script-scrolls can be used to define new programming for automatons.


Earlier technologies for instructing machines have been in use for a long time, such as instruction plates.

The Buford Automaton Company developed these scrolls of coded instruction as a programmable interface to their ADD Engines.


The coded instructions are written on player-piano style scrolls. Most automatons are only able to hold one script at a time, due to current size and cost limitations in the script interface design (a two script automaton would currently need a very wide torso).

These instructions are read by default, unless first instinctual programming, checked between each read of script, demands it’s code needs running.

Notable Features of B.A. Script-Scrolls

  • A rewind command to begin the scroll at the top

  • limited memory switches (number varies per automaton, minimum of 8) that may be set or queried for optional skip statements

  • robust macro definitions that adhere to common names used across their automatons for maximum scroll reuse

Program Your Own

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Out of World

Inspired by both player piano scrolls, and by punch card programming punch cards that were used by computer programmers from the dawn of programming and computers in the 1800s up until the 1980s.

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