Titanian Executive Council Politics

The Executive Council is the head of government for the country of Titania. It consists of seven appointed members.

Most often, these individuals are highly-respected military members or civil servants who are in great standing within their respective communities. They are usually appointed from among the Prefect Leaders. Typically there is one Council President, a rotational role chosen every year from among the seven Council members.


  • Antiford
  • Kuu
  • Clarusia
  • Nyxiana
  • Adelon
  • Lilithia

Heirarchy / Structure

The Executive Council is the highest governing authority, responsible for the federal administration of Titania and for the military. Though legislative decisions are largely made together, each Council member is in charge of a different department: Environment & Recreation, Economics, Foreign Affairs, Civics & Infrastructure, Justice, Culture & Internal Affairs, and Defense.

On the Prefecture level, leaders are elected by the city governors within each respective prefecture. The Council delegates many functions (i.e. education, the police force, etc.) to the prefectures, though it retains the overall right to control them. Many financial decisions, such as tax rates, are also left to this branch of the government.

On a more local level are city governors. Governors are chosen by popular vote among their respective communities. They are in charge of judicial decisions, law enforcement, and general administrative and cultural duties for their city or town. Local governments have the liberty of choosing their method of rule and general political platform, so long as it obeys Federal laws.


Department Duties
Environment & Recreation leader in environmental conservation; regulation of federal parks; regulation of Energy
Economics regulation of trade, agriculture, and Industry; performs fiscal administration at federal level
Foreign Affairs leads in foreign diplomacy; oversees and presents treaties and political contracts.
Civics & Infrastructure lead official for all federal public works projects; regulates state-funded transportation; main authority for zoning regulation.
Justice regulates law enforcement on federal level; highest authority in judicial matters
Culture & Internal Affairs charged with conserving culture and tradition; administrative duties for state-funded institutions like education, hospitals, libraries, etc; lead authority for charity or fundraising planning
Defense head of military (mainly administrative); in charge of civil protection

Current Members

Department Member
Environment & Recreation Halldis Arnstindotr
Economics Arinbjorn Erlund
Foreign Affairs Sigvaldi Skardsson
Civics & Infrastructure Byrnjolf Aern
Justice Ranghilde Ormstern
Culture & Internal Affairs Elsa Thorgaard
Defense Nikolas Unfrid


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