Asymr Technology


Dr. Avar Mesp

Date Revealed to Public

31st Firch 1897

Asymr is both a steam technology additive that raises the overall efficiency, and colloquially the name of technologies which leverage it.


It was developed in secret by Dr. Avar Mesp with funding and supervision from the Antifordian government.

During the Discovery Day celebrations of 1897, it was revealed to the world for the first time.


With this technology, the size of a steam engine is reduced by half, while still maintaining the same power output. Existing engines may be modified to waste less and output more power. It was developed by the country of Antiford and revealed to the world on the 31st of Skia 1897 in the Saks district of Gearford, Antiford as a public display.

Areas that will benefit from the new technology range from land vehicles, private and military, to airships and ocean liners. Weaponry has already started to make use of the new advances, as evidenced by the Tough Man SR-12, a piston action, steam rifle.

The technology appears quite similar to a standard steam engine and boiler, most notable cosmetic difference is the new boiler, which does appear to be modified. The improvements over conventional steam is the following: The boiler has improved geometries - allowing for a higher pressure, fluid recycling systems - reducing water loss, improved fuel intake and heat transfer - decreasing the amount of fuel consumed and increasing fluid temperature. Additionally, advances in metallurgy and materials science allow for thinner walls and tubing, improved insulation, and lower friction surfaces.


The Antifordian government maintains an initial monopoly over the production of engines and converters using asymr. They have a large wait list of customers and institutions awaiting delivery of these new devices. They have special deals with certain companies to deliver first, such as the aforementioned guns. However, it's expected that wealthy players in the private sector will replicate the process within a couple years of its introduction.  The work is sensitive, complex, and expensive, but produce very valuable results.

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