Diesel / Flüss Technology

Dates Invented

Titania: 1895

Prush: 1896

An alternative fuel source, springing from deep wells in the ground. It is a combustible liquid which is similar in dirtiness to coal. It is competitive with non-Asymr steam power.


Titania / Manenlande

Yeti have drilled for petroleum oil as a supplement to whale oil since 1848.

The use of oil for engines was invented in Titania by Professor Ingrid Diesel in 1895, as a means to improve the lives of Yeti in the colder regions and brought the developments back with her to promote technological development in her homeland of Manenlande.


Originally discovered when pioneers in the Prush wilderness tried to drill water wells, Flüss was found and was quickly avoided. The liquid is thick and black, and completely undrinkable. Early pioneers called it “sand blood” and “demon water” but as scientists discovered its uses the name changed to Flüss. The fuel product, Flüssoline is also often shortened to Flüss.

In recent years, Flüss motors have been down-sized but the weight of the iron and steel has kept it from any real innovation. However, the creation of the “Von Heath Motor” has made Flüss a more accepted means of power for farms and small factories near the Flüss wells.

As the need for reliable Flüss has risend, a company named Brackers and Brackers started a line of quality Flüssoline, it goes by the name “Demon Water”, an old name for the raw liquid. The company is headquartered in Dalaerum, but the child company that produces the Demon Water line is in Outerford. Most Flüss wells are in western Prush.

Marketing / Utility

Early uses for Diesel / Flüss were for lamp oil, and lubricants for mechanisms. The rapid development of engines in the 19th century of the 8th age led to the development of Diesel / Flüssoline and the internal combustion engine in 1895 and 1896 respectively. It has proven less popular than the steam engine in many areas, particularly those with significant access to asymr or without access to oil wells.

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