Antifordian Metropolitan Government System Politics

This is the Gearford system, many major cities in Antiford use this template including Argenstrath, Astam Junction, and White Haven. Smaller towns will often combine responsibilities down to a single individual or do other adjustments to minimize as the town's size calls for.

Mayoral Chair

The highest position in Antiford's metropolitan government is the position of Mayor, known as the Mayoral Chair. This is a holdover from pre-technocratic days and not outlined by any technocratic philosopher of the past.


The mayor has the power to organize councils as they see fit within their city. 

These councils are lead by a Chair, which the members vote for amongst themselves to decide.

They also elect others in their fields to represent them in the national House of Engineers, which must be approved by the mayor.

There are a set of typical councils expected of a mayor to organize, or they come under federal scrutiny, and in extreme cases, investigation. 

Civility Council

Police force, housing, population controls, and emergency services will all have representatives on this council.

Transportation Council

This council is responsible for the regulation of air and land vehicles, as well as overseeing the well-being of the rail industry. They may have pedestrian paths and ports to administrate over as well.

Commerce Council

The leads of industry particular to that town will be gathered here to advise on commercial regulations, labour laws, and more. They are often seen as the mayor's main advisory committee.

Education Council

This council is responsible for the structure and funding of education. They have a strong role in deciding the curriculum for all public education. 


Major Contributors

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