Lodka Terminology

In World

Lodka is a term generally used to describe any kind of international organized crime network, especially those centered on Araz. These organizations differ from Mob groups as the geographical scope of their criminal activities is wider and because they tend to deal in darker, more serious criminal activities such as black market trade, sex trafficking, forced labor, and drug cartels. Lodka organizations mainly deal with the illegal import or export of materials and people, as well as facilitating illegal travel.

 Such organizations also involve connecting criminal activity on a global scale. Due to their reliance on travel, they often deal with or partake in piracy, falsifying travel documents, or facilitating illegal activity between different criminal organizations, even across the ocean. Their dependence on air and sea travel was also the source of the term Lodka, which is a bastardization of a vibranni word for boat. Along with more organized piracy, several Lodka organizations also have an elaborate and organized smuggling operation in Antiford, especially for water.

Out of World

Out of world examples:

Medellin Cartel - Colombian drug cartel in the 70s & 80s 

Human trafficking in the Philippines

Piracy in/around Somalia


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