Ekata Holidays


2nd- 3rd Fi




Kantebury Empire

Ekata is a national holiday in Kantebury. Before the formation of the Empire, the festival signified the beginning of Aderfod and the end of colder months. However it has evolved to also celebrate victories of the Empire and to ensure it’s continuing prosperity.

This day is a day to show off your appreciate for and pride in the Empire by hanging flag decorations in your home and community as well as participating in the primary means of celebration: the coloring festival, where people smear each other with colours derived from the vibrant plants of Kantebury. This is often a community-wide free-for-all where everyone is fair target to be colored, regardless of age, gender, or relation.

There are meanings behind each color, though these meanings are often forgotten in modern celebrations, especially in rural communities. Each of the four Royal Families is represented as well as separate colors for each of the countries within the empire. Each are made from different plant materials native to Kantebury and its colonies.

In some areas, more prestigious families decorate themselves in certain ways with specific colors as a way to represent their proud family histories and any Royal blood that may occur within their lineage, no matter how small a percentage it may be. Ghaza are also decorated and ridden in large parades in some of the bigger cities.

The seasonal aspects of Ekata are still celebrated at home with family, usually in the form of a large feast, but larger festivities have become a celebration of the pride and happiness found in the empire.



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