Feast of Ofandyr Holidays


Last Night of Moghs


Religious / Community



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Also known as Fautashivi or even Village Night, it is an Kuuvian/Ofandyrist holiday, held on the last night of Moghs to give Ofandyr our love, to encourage them to fight well and push back the beasts whose influence makes it cold in the world in the hopes it will bring warm weather soon.
The holiday marks the hopeful end of the coldest parts of winter, towards — but not yet — spring.

Northern Tradition

Those in the north celebrate with elaborate ceremonies in the woods going into the night with large bonfires. They sing songs of never-world tales of Ofandyr’s triumphs over the monsters while shepherding the Kuu through. They tell tales of heroic acts of survival and communities on the island banding together to stay alive through the frosty season.

Southern Tradition

Along the southern coast, it’s not uncommon to celebrate this, whether one is religious or not. Typically, parties similar to New Years’ celebrations are held. A popular game is to swap stories of acts of kindness. A toast is given to whomever either tells the most/best tales, or to whomever features most often in them. Typically, a community elder is spoken of, such as kindly old grandmother or gentle retired captain.


Deer masks and an overabundance of candles mark the season.
In the north, a village leader will often attempt a few candles on top of antler headdresses. In the south, this has caused the abundance of seasonal house fires, so some will instead still attempt reflective decorations or luminescent paints upon their antler attire.


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