Profanities (Swears) & Insults Terminology

In World

Antifordian / Prussian

Son of a gun

The Prussian Civil War, and Prodigious/Antiford-Prussian war saw the rise of this insult, which means that one is an illegitimate (conceived out of wed-lock) child. 


Sees use more in the desert, but also in pompous circles to refer to the lower classes. This common adjective is insulting when emphasized in speech and writing, especially about a person or malfunctioning device. 

Wet Pockets

To have wet pockets is to be greedy or easily bribed.


Comes from the Apsara and Demon mythology. Demons are horrible creatures that dwell where humans will not. This is exclusively a racial slur referring to Vibranni, especially Red tribe of Antiford


An insult to police officers. See "Bobbies" for more.

Chanka / Goblin (Queen) / 'Kovy

Chankas are stupid, goblins are ugly, and skuttlekovy are poisonous. Many insults have been made from comparing one another to these beasts.



(Dtruver / Druvan)  The strongest profanity in Kuu, much like the f-word.  


(Thwumper / Thwumping) an idiot, stupid. The connotation is someone who does rude things unaware that it is socially unacceptable.

Out of World



Many and probably all real world profanities are okay to use in Orr, but they do Americanize / where-you-are-from-ize the character's speech.

Few cogs short of a gearbox

Any sort of phrase can be steampunked to be more charming.

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